At BERCA, we employs highly talented professionals with strong technical and commercial background for its service team who are fully dedicated to the needs of our clients.

Berca Niaga Medika (BNM), founded in 1999, is a subsidiary of Berca Indonesia.
We are one of the youngest of Berca’s companies. Berca Group engages broadly in trading, engineering, and business contracting.
Berca Niaga Medika consists of two departments, the Instrument Solution Group (ISG), and the Healthcare Solution Group (HSG). ISG provides solutions for analytical and chemical laboratories in collaboration with major manufacturers of scientific equipments, including Agilent Technologies, PEAK, Xylem, Gerstel, Ritter, Gilson, Thermo Fisher and many more, while HSG provides equipment provided by well known manufacturers such as Philips and Steris.
Over the past few decades, BNM has developed close ties to their partners as evidenced by a strong and lasting commitment to promote their products, and to provide dependable and high quality services to its customers.
Our service team consists of talented professionals with strong technical and commercial backgrounds who are fully dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our clients. This is done through its nine branches located throughout Indonesia, including branches in Medan, Pekanbaru, Makassar, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Surabaya, and Denpasar. We also have a training centre which provides in-house and customized training.
To fulfill emergency needs, all our products can be purchased from BNM e-Store, bnmstores.bercaniaga.co.id.
Our goals is to become a the preferred provider of total solution for all medical and laboratory supplies need in Indonesia with a rapid anticipation in changes and a thorough understanding of customer needs, state-of-the-art response in technology changes, and by providing high quality services and applications.
We have been serving our customers in a wide range of Indonesia’s industries. As a reward for the longstanding commitment to quality for our customers, we have been awarded the certification of ISO 9001:2008 since November 2001.

Berca Building

Berca Building 3rd Floor Jalan Abdul Muis No. 62, Jakarta - 10160 Phone: +62-21-351 8826, 344 1717 Fax: +62-31-351 8832

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  PT Berca Niaga Medika has a commitment to deliver high end products, provide a high quality services of installation, training, maintenance, and repair in order to achieve customer satisfaction.


Your Reliable Equipment Solution Partner


Providing the best Instrument Solution with high quality products and services, through effective coverage and highly capable human resources to achieve profitable business and customer satisfaction.


We have been serving customers in a wide range of Indonesian industries including hospitals, clinics, service laboratories, chemical, oil and gas, food, and environmental companies.


Knowledge of the latest technological advances in a key to our success. To this end we only employ the most highly trained and talented professionals with strong technical and commercial backgrounds.