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    Xylem, Selective GC detectors enhance chromatographic performance by measuring trace levels of target compounds in the presence of higher concentration compounds, or matrix interferences. Selective GC detectors provide precise retention time marking for improved MS library matching and peak identification. Co-elution of interferences in essential oils can make locating compounds responsible for characteristic aromas in a MS chromatogram quite difficult. The accompanying GC-MS total ion chromatogram of galbanum oil contains a large number of co-eluted compounds. A simultaneous sulfur mode PFPD chromatogram helps pinpoint sulfur compounds contributing to the fragrance pro!le of the oil.

    Wasson-ECE Instrumentation is a world leader in gas chromatography. We can assist you every step of the way from sampling to service and support. Method development and leading edge gas chromatography applications are our primary focus. Wasson-ECE applications are developed on Agilent Technologies GC platforms for a level of quality and reliability that is unsurpassed.